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Darwin Multicultural

Multicultural Organisations in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Darwin is a beautiful and vibrant city located in Northern Territory, Australia. It is a melting pot of cultures and communities, with a rich history of multiculturalism and diversity. The city is home to several multicultural organisations that work towards promoting social cohesion and cultural diversity. These organisations provide a range of services and activities for individuals and families from diverse backgrounds. In this article, we will explore some of the prominent multicultural organisations in Darwin, their benefits, activities, and contact details.

1. Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory

The Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory (MCNT) is a peak body that represents multicultural communities and advocates for their interests. The Council works with government agencies, service providers, and community organisations to promote the social, economic, and cultural integration of migrants, refugees, and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. The MCNT provides services such as information and referral, advocacy, and capacity building to its members. It also organises events and programs that celebrate diversity and promote cultural awareness.

Contact Details:

Phone: (08) 8945 9122

Email: admin@mcnt.org.au

Address: 1/18 Bauhinia Street, Nightcliff NT 0814

2. Melaleuca Refugee Centre

The Melaleuca Refugee Centre is a non-profit organisation that provides support and services to refugees and asylum seekers settling in Australia. The Centre offers a range of programs and activities that aim to support refugees in their settlement journey. These programs include outreach services, emergency relief, housing assistance, counselling, and legal advice. The Centre also provides education and training opportunities for refugees to help them integrate into Australian society.

Contact Details:

Phone: (08) 8985 3311

Email: admin@melaleuca.org.au

Address: 10 Packard Street, Wanguri NT 0810

3. Darwin Community Legal Service

The Darwin Community Legal Service (DCLS) is a community-based legal service that provides free legal advice and representation to people in the Darwin area. The Service assists in a range of legal matters, including family law, domestic violence, tenancy, and immigration. The DCLS also provides services to vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, including refugees and CALD individuals.

Contact Details:

Phone: (08) 8982 1111

Email: dcls@dcls.org.au

Address: 4/5 Shepherd Street, Darwin City NT 0800

4. Multicultural Youth NT

Multicultural Youth NT is a youth-led organisation that supports young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. The organisation provides a range of programs, activities, and events that promote social inclusion, cultural diversity, and youth leadership. Some of the programs offered by Multicultural Youth NT include mentoring, youth camps, cultural tours, and sports events.

Contact details:

Phone: (08) 8945 9122

Email: info@multiculturalyouthnt.org.au

Address: Nightcliff Sports Club, 11/14 Pandanus Street, Nightcliff NT 0810

5. Settlement Services International

Settlement Services International is a non-profit organisation that supports refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable migrants in their settlement journey. The organisation provides a range of services, including housing assistance, education and training, employment support, and community development. Settlement Services International also advocates for the rights of refugees and migrants and works towards promoting social cohesion and diversity.

Contact details:

Phone: (08) 8947 8770

Email: info.nts@ssicaustralia.com.au

Address: 2/14 Charles Street, Stuart Park NT 0820

In Conclusion

Multicultural organisations play a vital role in promoting social cohesion and diversity in our communities. In Darwin, there are several organisations that support refugees, migrants, and CALD communities in their settlement journey. These organisations provide a range of services and activities that promote cultural awareness and social inclusion. The contact details provided in this article can help you get in touch with these organisations and learn more about their services and activities.

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